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Joseph Kersi, past president of NCGE and ESRI educator, has created and posted a number of lessons and maps in the ArcLessons library and/or on ArcGIS Online that might be useful in your instruction:

Hands-on exercises for The GIS Guide to Public Domain Data.
The 10 hands-on exercises for the Esri Press’s book The GIS Guide to Public Domain Data, along with the data (which are stored on ArcGIS Online in a group) and the answer keys, are all at this location: – Go to “exercises and data for the book.” You can get them through Scribd or through Google Docs.

Activity 1: Assessing the Impacts of potential climate change on coasts, ecoregions, population, and land cover, globally|
Activity 2: Siting an internet café in Orange County, California
Activity 3: Siting a fire tower in the Loess Hills, Nebraska
Activity 4: Analyzing floods and floodplains along the Front Range, Colorado
Activity 5: Assessing potential hurricane hazards in Texas
Activity 6: Analyzing land use and sustainability in Brazil
Activity 7: Creating a map for an ecotourism company in New Zealand
Activity 8: Assessing citizen science portals and analyzing citizen science data in invasive species
Activity 9: Investigating 3 hazards of 2010: The Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland, and the Haiti earthquake
Activity 10: Selecting the most suitable locations for tea cultivation in Kenya

Why GIS in Education Matters: 10 minute presentation in ArcGIS Online:

Examining World Temperature Extremes:


Get outside with GPS at a secondary school:

Creating a paper map from an aerial photo: Lesson:


7 ways to map field data:


The Perfect Convergence: Citizen Science and Web GIS:


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