Online Mapping Tools

The following list comes from materials prepared for a VGA Workshop for Secondary Pre-Service Teachers, held at Radford University on October 25, 2011. It was compiled by Judith Painter, World Geography Teacher, Salem, Virginia, and member of the Virginia Geographic Alliance.

GIS ESRI EdCommunity:

• ArcGIS online: allows you to load your own data if you do not have access to ArcGIS Desktop.
• ArcGIS MapViewer: allows you to load and view data files
• ArcGIS Explorer On-line: allows for PowerPoint type map presentations
• Lat-Long Finder: simple identification of latitude and longitude
• Sketch-A-Map: drawing and printing for mapmakers
• Elevation Profile Map Tool: drawing and printing for map makers
• Landsat Viewers: see change over time
• Zipcode Look-up: allows data comparisons for regions; useful for government services
• ESRI Disaster Response and Assistance: also good for government services
• Community App Galleries:

  • Message in a Bottle (Silverlight and Flex): ocean currents
  • Lewis &Clark The Lower Columbia River Then and Now (Flex): comparison of several data sets
  • Save the Rain (Javascript): rain water collection
  • Horn of Africa Drought Crisis Map (Javascript): map showing drought and social networks
  • United States Flooding Map (Javascript): map showing flooding and social networks
  • Crime Mapping (Javasscript): police reports (varies by region)
  • Energy Investigations (Javascript): locations of power plants and power usage
  • EPA My Environment (Javascript): environment “rap-sheet” for localities
  • USDA Food Environment Atlas (Javascript): wonderful data about locations and food usage
  • Seven Wonders of the World

National Geographic:
Many on-line simulations; printable desk, table, and wall maps; and many other great resources
Strange Maps:
Many maps and curiosities of maps from around the world
Uses data and charts to show disparities and conspicuous imbalances in the world. Contains a teacher section.
Allows you to draw and create your own maps, similar to ESRI’s Sketch-A-Map
Library of Congress’s Zoom Into Maps:
Especially good for historical maps of US. Includes a teacher section.
Map Maker National Atlas:
One-click  map making for the USA. Lots of topics to browse.
Google Earth:
Many different KML files (KML=Keyhole Markup language, used to display geographic data); or, create your own tour to assist your lesson
Outline maps from the Arizona Geographic Alliance:

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