TTSP Documents and Resources


As part of this project two researchers spent time mining and annotating relevant sources based on five general themes identified by lead scholars, Dr. Will Hitchcock (US) and Dr. Gary Sheffield (UK).  The themes in which the documents were identified and arranged were:

  1. What is “Total War”?
  2. Clash of Ideologies: Why do states fight?
  3. Strategy, Tactics, and Leadership: How do states fight?
  4. The Human Experience of War: What happens to people in wartime?
  5. Legacies: What does war achieve?

We hope that these two collections will prove to valuable to you in your classroom when teaching and making sense of World Wars I and II.


Annotated Resources (US) – LINK – File 7
This word document contains a variety of best practice sources and websites as they pertain to WWI and WWII.  Each source was reviewed by a graduate student and Professor Will Hitchcock (UVa)
Resource Catalog (UK) – LINK – File 8 This Excel document contains a variety of digitized documents from The National Archives (U.K.) that pertain WWI and WWII.




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