Standards of Learning (SOL)

Virginia Studies SOL

Virginia‘s History and Social Science Standards of Learning (SOL), supplemented by the detailed “Curriculum Framework,” outline the knowledge and skills in history, geography, civics, and economics  that should be mastered by students from K-12.  However, local school divisions have considerable control over their curriculum, which means that the pacing, benchmark evaluations, content, and when to test some subjects are local decisions.

Virginia Studies is the second social studies course tested, after the Grade 3 social studies examination. The SOL STANDARDS DOCUMENT  in Word/PDF format begins each standard with “The Student will demonstrate skills” (VS 1) or “knowledge” (VS 2-6) … followed by up to nine subcategories under each standard.

The above standards document is supplemented by the CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK 2008 document. Each standard and subcategory is restated and followed by a four column table titled “Essential Understandings”, “Essential Questions”, “Essential Knowledge”, and “Essential Skills”. Geography content is contained primarily in the Essential Knowledge column.

Finally, a much more detailed resource to supplement the Virginia Studies course is contained in the ENHANCED SCOPE AND SEQUENCE document.

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