What Works

Members of the  VGA who are experienced classroom teachers offer their strategies, activities, and lesson plans for engaging students in geography. Eventually we hope to have ideas for all grade levels and courses.

We are soliciting new lesson plans in 2016. Especially needed are those that address the newest revisions to the Virginia Standards of Learning/Curriculum Framework in History and Social Science and have been tested inthe classroom. However, others will certainly be considered for publication on this page. All plans submitted will be reviewed by a VGA committee. Upon approval, a small stipend will be awarded. Questions and submissions should be sent to Penny Anderson at panderso@hs.scs.k12.va.us.

1. Writing Prompts by Penny Anderson, world geography and APHG teacher, Spotsylvania County Schools.

 Writing strategies and practice prompts that work well in a geography classroom.

2. Local Geographies: The First Layer by Lyne Everhart, APHG teacher, formerly of Hampton City Schools.

This six-part collection is intended to help get new teachers started or to move others to grow their curriculum and enhance the experiences of their students and build geographic skills by promoting the inclusion of local geographies into classrooms and through personal observation and data collection in local environments.  


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