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This page contains information useful to members wishing to present workshops and institutes, or engage in other professional activities as representatives of the Virginia Geographic Alliance. Such activities usually require a proposal to the Steering Committee and must be in accordance with the Goals and Objectives of the VGA’s Strategic Plan. Such proposals should be submitted electronically to the Recording Secretary, Sandra Carter (, one week in advance of a Steering Committee meeting.

Goals and Objectives from the VGA Strategic Plan

Proposal Form (Revised 2021): guidelines for submitting a proposal to the VGA.  Please copy and modify the proposal form as needed.

NOTE: The VGA accepts proposals three times a school year: September 1st, December 1st, and March 1st.

REMEMBER: There are now VGA registration fees for out-of-state participants. For overnight or weekend long events, if hotels and meals are included, the fee is $200.  If it is a one day workshop with meals, no mileage it is $75. We don’t reimburse mileage. Fees must be collected up front prior to the event.

This fee requirement needs to be clearly stated on all flyers and registration formsplease send all flyers and registrations to Annie and Ed prior to distribution so they can assure the information is consistent with VGA policy and avoid confusion. (;

Planning a field trip? The VGA Steering Committee recommends using the inquiry-based field guide from NCGE’s GeoCamp Iceland as a model. The Field Guide for Amtrak across America VI provides another good example and was based upon the Iceland work. The latter contains schematic for Layers of Inference.

Registration Template: Registration for VGA-sponsored workshops and other activities should use this template to assure uniformity and facilitate reporting to NGS by the state coordinators. This is a file.

Are you giving a geography-related presentation at a conference such as VCSSE, NCSS, NCGE, etc.? VGA members may be eligible for financial support if funds are available. Submit your proposal to Annie Evans and Ed Kinman at the same time that you submit to the organization hosting the conference.

Professional Development Report Form


   Alliance-Affiliated Membership in NCGE

National Geographic Photo Kit and Release Form

Planning a to capture you event with photos?  Or perhaps you are making a brochure and are looking for new pictures to illustrate it.  How can you make sure that you are getting the best photos, and that you will have the right legal clearances to use them?  Good news – National Geographic has prepared a Photo Gathering Toolkit as well as a Personal Release Form. Both are available on the Alliance Coordinators Community website. Request them from Alliance coordinators.

See photos and write-ups from earlier VGA-sponsored activities.


Materials for use at workshops and other VGA activities

NOTE: VGA is a non-profit and as such qualifies for tax exempt status at many stores. When purchasing supplies and other items for workshops and institutes, please help lower costs to the VGA by using this provision at those stores that accept it. Keep all receipts in order to receive reimbursement.


 VGA bags

VGA bags are available to members presenting workshops and Institutes.
Contact Annie Evans ( for more information.


VGA banners are available for display tables. Three kits that include the banner are held in different parts of the state. Please contact the one of the following people to arrange to pick up a kit. Each kit includes, in addition to the banner, a table cloth, clips, and VGA flyers for distribution.

  • Northern Virginia: Penny Anderson (
  • Others: Annie Evans ( or Ed Kinman (



Shirts displaying the VGA logo come in a variety of colors and styles. You will need to order them directly from the supplier.  If you are preparing a proposal for a workshop or other VGA-sponsored event, be sure to include shirts in your budget. The set up fee has been taken care of by the VGA. You only need to pay for the shirt. The shirt shown is “Silk Touch Polos” (K500 in stone color) by Port Authority on page 67 in the catalog.

Find the catalog at:

To place an order, contact:

John Cain
Screen Printing & Embroidery
4625 E. Princess Anne Rd
Norfolk, VA 23502

(Local) 757-853-7641
(Long Distance) 1-800-446-8051
(Cell) 757-515-4425

He will need the following info to place the order:  Name, phone number, which item number, any other choice of color, size(s), quantity.  He will call you to get credit card and mailing info. That info should not to be included in your email!


VGA FLYER is available as pdf. Print as needed.


Workshops and institutes also may also obtain for distribution to participants the  National Geographic two-sided political and physical map of the United States (approximately 24″ by 30″) and the booklet “Why Geography is Important” from the Gilbert M. Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education . Other items may also available for workshops. Please contact Bob Morrill ( to see what might be appropriate for your activity.


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