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Session 2. Investigating the Formation and Growth of the Byzantine Empire

Throughout the course of world history, borders have changed as various groups of people competed to control and rule territory and acquire resources. Throughout time, empires have expanded and collapsed. The Byzantine Empire once occupied the eastern portion of the Roman Empire with Constantinople as its capital, but yet disappeared from the map in 1453 when Constantinople became the capital of Ottoman Empire. Through an investigation of a series of map layers and examination of an interactive Web site, students discover how and why the borders of the Byzantine Empire changed through time.

Key Questions

  • What factors influence border changes?
  • What are the effects of changing borders?

Note: The following files contain layered pdfs. In order to manipulate the map layers, you must download each file.


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Lesson without attachments


  • Attachment G: Changing Borders of the Byzantine Empire
  • Attachment H: Using a Layered Portable Document Files (pdfs)
  • Attachment I: Key Events in the History of the Byzantine Empire

Web site “History of the Roman Empire Interactive Map.”

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