2014 APHG Eastern Shore Academy

Stephen Chamberlin produced a Story Map of the academy. It can be accessed here: http://www.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/?appid=02bb7f4b8d79403c9a97f219a11794cd

APHG materials from the Eastern Shore Academy are posted at https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzxhzWB73P9QZmk4VG82UEZZeXM&usp=sharing. Here you can find Stephen’s powerpoint in pdf format and also Barbara Crain and Mark de Socio’s pdf. Lyne has included a series of articles from the European Union that discuss vernacular rural landscapes that might be useful for comparisons and a pdf of Barry Lopez’s article, “Losing Our Sense of Place,” that has a great discussion on local geography and where to find it.

Along with these, Lyne has added a few other items that were either discussed or are relate to access & economies, building sense of place and utilizing local geography as a foundation for doing geography with your students, and  has included links to a few other materials too.

The first link is to the USGS site on Geology in the Schoolyard and has a lesson on mapping your school yard to help you get started taking students in the field even if field trips aren’t possible.  We are interested in publishing your lessons inspired by this field experience so send them along when you are ready.

Please take some time to look through these to see what you can use. Some links are posted below

If you have related resources feel free to share so they can also be ​posted with these materials at the VGA website

Let Lyne know what you are doing with your students and the materials created by you that were inspired by the academy.

Links to materials:

Our Island Home Video: www.emediava.org

Hampton Roads Partnership:http://hrp.org/Site/home

Shannon’s Sense of Place Activity and Sense of Place Survey: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UvxTrOlsGNMn-_KKLzRMPBu3bnyjAJSQrY4kzmRWUZ4/edit

Shannon’s Cemeteries: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B22Nk0lGEtkLVFlGWE9ma0MzbUE/view

Fantasy Geopolitics: http://www.fantasygeopolitics.com

Using Local Geographies: https://php.radford.edu/~vga/?page_id=3774

For a little inspiration: The Journal of Geography 1905: https://archive.org/details/journalgeograph03goog

The Countryside Transformed: The Eastern Shore of Virginia, the Pennsylvania Railroad, and the Creation of a Modern Landscape: http://www.southernspaces.org/2007/countryside-transformed-eastern-shore-virginia-pennsylvania-railroad-and-creation-modern-landsc

Gasoline Stations Morphology on the Eastern Shore (article): http://www.academia.edu/2966517/Gasoline_station_morphology_on_Virginias_Eastern_Shore



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