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Session 2: Analyzing the Extent and Influence of Invasions

As students examine primary and secondary sources of the Viking invasions, they uncover information about areas invaded, the conduct of the invaders, and the effects on the populations invaded.  Students then examine a series of maps in order to determine the sequence of the Viking invasions through time. Using both the patterns of the Viking invasions and settlements and information gleaned from the sources students are active processors of information challenged to draw conclusions and make generalizations.

Key Questions

  • What do sources tell us about the Viking invasions?
  • How did physical geography influence the Viking invasions and patterns of settlement?
  • How did the Viking invasions change over time?
  • How did the invasions of the Magyars and Vikings differ?

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Lesson Plan

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Lesson without attachments


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 Additional Maps

Using Layered Portable Document Files (pdfs)

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