NCGE to become national facilitator for geographic alliances

Alliance Coordinators and Leaders,

In an effort to enable the state geography alliances to continue to support the teachers in your states, NCGE has been asked to step into the role of national facilitator of the alliance network starting in 2019. The role of a national organizational body will evolve over time as the needs of the alliances change and opportunities present themselves; however, based upon input from the state alliances, NCGE’s initial role will be:

•Facilitating communication within and among the alliances;
•Coordinating the collection and distribution of alliance-created content where necessary, so as not to loose any valuable teacher-created resources;
•Hosting informational and networking meetings of alliance coordinators for the purpose of exchanging ideas, sharing successes and tackling challenges in supporting and promoting geography education in the states;
•Working with state alliances to identify funding opportunities to support professional development activities for teachers in your states.

The mission of NCGE is to help develop geographically literate students by working with and supporting educators across the U.S. To this end, we see the tremendous value of the grassroots network of K-12 teachers working closely with academic faculty the state geography alliances have developed over the years. Our objective is to support the state and local efforts of your teachers and to see the alliance network has an even greater impact in every state.

In addition, NCGE has waived the annual $1,000 alliance membership fee and is extending a $25 annual membership and renewal for all current and former geography alliance members. (Alliance members can visit the NCGE website, click on “Join Now.” Use the code: Alliance-25 at check out for the $25 membership for new or renewing member.)

A NCGE board member will be reaching out to you directly to assess the specific needs of your alliance and discuss appropriate next steps. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at the information below.

Together, we can continue to allow the important work of the state alliances to continue and grow.

National Council for Geographic Education

Ken Keller, President
Zach Dulli, Executive Director


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